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Your experiences with wheatgrass juice

Dear Sir,

Thank you so very much for the information on foods you have sent me. I find it most helpful as I have a hiatus hernia and will definitely take on board the advice provided.

Since taking the wheatgrass regularly I find it has soothed my digestive system and helped it to heal. It’s amazing how some foods trigger an acid reaction and it’s through trial and error that I find out which foods I can and can’t eat.

I wish you continued success with your wheatgrass and love getting your emails.

Thanking you and co for all your support.


I have been reaping the benefits of wheatgrass for over 18 months, ever since I upgraded my centrifugal juicer to a masticating one. I have been growing my own wheatgrass at home but with a young daughter and the myriad of healthy things I do to support my body with its stage IV breast cancer I don’t always find time to grow my own. Knowing that the wonderful wheatgrass shots from LiveWheatgrass are there “fresh” in the freezer is absolutely great. I also like the fact that because LiveWheatgrass is grown slowly outside it gets to develop an immune system of its own which is then passed on to us drinking it.

I have always had at least one green juice a day for since my diagnosis of cancer in August 2010 Then after a bout of pneumonia earlier this year left me with depleted energy levels I decided to make and drink my green juice with wheatgrass first thing in the morning before breakfast. I cannot tell you enough what a difference this has made to my energy levels and general well-being. I have energy all throughout the day, no 3pm crash for me thank you! So juicing including wheatgrass shots plus my anti-cancer way of eating, i.e. organic wholefoods, not processed foods give my body all the support it needs to boost my immune system and starve the cancer.

If using wheatgrass can have this effect on me, just think what it could do for you.

Verity Sewell

In May/June 2011 I was diagnosed with gastric cancer. I had a partial gastrectomy (leaving 20% of my stomach). I also started a six month regime of chemotherapy. A friend who is a GP recommended I saw a nutritionist and as a result I had a consultation with Elizabth Butler and I have to admit she has helped turn my life around. I had never realised how good nutrition can help prevent and help fight cancer.

The first thing Elizabeth recommended was that I start taking live wheatgrass. I take 2 x 1 oz pots every morning and I quickly found out the benefits. Not only did I recover from my operation quickly, I also found that the chemotherapy was nowhere near as severe as I had expected (it was still unpleasant!), and I'm convinced that it was the wheatgress that helped.

I have been taking live wheatgress ever since and can honestly say that not only am I cancer free at the moment but also that I have found an improvement in my general health. I used to get about 3/4 heavy colds a year (man flu!) but since taking livewheatgrass I have had only 1 cold.

I now recommend it to anyone who has health issues or indeed to anyone who wants to imporve their health. My son and daughter in law and my grandson now take live wheatgrass as does my daughter in law's mother who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and all are feeling the benefits.

I was recently talking to someone employed in the healthfood industry and he said he thought that if everyone took live wheatgrass daily then we wouldn't need a NHS!

Thanks for growing such a wonderful proudct.

Bob Yule